Monday, 21 April 2014

Happy Easter Monday to everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying your Easter break, I have been very good and have kept off the chockies but somehow hot cross buns have found their way into my home. I have eaten 4 already only 2 to go then it's back onto the salad's lol.

Here are a couple of pictures using the Butterfly daisy collage stamps from Chocolate Baroque, might fave at the moment and great value as you get so many stamps on one sheet.

Keep enjoying your day and happy crafting Julie x

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Good morning everyone,
Apparently this weekend is known as the DIY time, where Homebase and the like are rubbing their hands together, and expecting a rush to their stores.
Well I shall be doing my own DIY only not on the house but making some cards.
Here is a sneaky preview of my workshop in May I hope you like it. I have used a beautiful bird stamp from Hobbyart called Bird song.
Have a lovely Easter and enjoy everything that comes with it, that includes chocolate of course.

Happy crafting Julie x

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Good morning everyone,

What a great day I had yesterday, first thing I spent the morning at Eileen Godwin's workshop, can not wait for her day at J and C, Eileen will be demoing with some of the new Chocolate Baroque stamps check out dates on the web, I now there is only a few places left so don't delay, she is a very talented and fun lady.
Then in the afternoon took Maizey out for a stroll, what lovely weather we have at the moment.
Then in the evening I tried to create cards for future workshops, only I was struggling to see through the tears. Does anyone else find watching Britain's got talent emotional?, first I was crying with laughter then crying with the stories of the contestants.That beautiful girl who was bullied and then sang with so much feeling WOW!
Now today I would love to say I am running in the London marathon lol, instead I am still in my jarmies watching from the sofa, but days like this makes me proud to be British, London looks great.
Have a great day and happy crafting,
Julie x

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Happy Mother's Day

     These are the flowers that I sent to my Mum, they are origami Kusudama flowers. These ones have been made using scrapbook papers but any pretty papers you have would look good. J&C Creations have lots and lots of lovely paper that you could use and pretty buttons for the centres too.
     If you would like to know how to make them there are tutorials over on YouTube that explain everything. They are easy to make as each petal is made separately and then you build the flower, my neighbours six year old has been making them with me so it's something the children can do with your scraps.
     I hope you all have a lovely day whether you're a mum or not. 
Happy Crafting.......Rocky.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Good morning everyone,
Since I last spoke we have been to Harrogate and had a couple of workshops, so we have all been very busy.
We have also had Christmas, well not quite but that's what it has felt like with parcels arriving daily, with new stock that we ordered in from the trade show, so much to play with and so little time.
We are at Birmingham this weekend so come along and see Lisa demoing with some great products.

Here are a couple of pictures of Barbara's workshop where the ladies made an Easter basket. A good excuse for buying some chocolate.
Happy crafting Julie x

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Butterflies for Mum

    With Mother's Day just a couple of weeks away here's an easy idea for a quick make that can be done with the children.
     I have die cut some butterflies using a Tim Holtz die but if you don't have a die cutter or a butterfly die then Tando chipboard butterflies are the easy solution. There are four of each of six different shapes in one pack.
     Stick one butterfly to another of the same shape with a small florist type wire in the middle, red double sided tape is great for this as it's very strong, it even works on metal shapes.
     Once you have stuck them together you can begin to decorate them. The chipboard one has glitter all over it in various shades of mauve and purple and the metal ones are a combination of using the outside of the can (I thought the words were pretty good for a butterfly) and colouring them with inks. The mottled one is done with alcohol inks but if you don't have those then use your alcohol markers, they work a treat and the children can do this easily.
     When die cutting a drink can I would not allow small children to do this bit but older ones under supervision are fine. The edges of the die cut shape are rounded over slightly when cutting so they're not too sharp but be careful with the offcuts.
     Being on fine wire these butterflies will wave in the breeze outside or just look good flying above a nice pot plant on the windowsill. A gift is always more special when it's been lovingly made so this would be ideal and inexpensive too!   Have fun.........Rocky.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Good morning everyone,
It was my birthday yesterday and also the first anniversary of the Tuesday group, ( crikey where did that year go ? ), well after a quiet start the ladies arrived and surprised me with beautiful flowers and lovely cards they had made.
I have such a lot of talented friends. Barbara made one of her famous cakes which went down well with a cuppa, so a big thank you to all for making my day special.
I think I will leave my cards up for sometime, here are some pickies of the day.
Happy crafting Julie x

Monday, 3 March 2014

Good morning,
Hope you all had a lovely weekend.
Saturday night was quiz night in the village, off we went with so much hope, needless to say we came last, I could make excuses but basically we were rubbish. But I was with my good friends and had such a great time which to me was more important.
Talking of good times the workshops went well last week and the ladies produced some lovely toppers.
Special thanks to Barbara who was on dog duty, I had to take Maizey with me as I was out all day.
Here are some cards we made using Heartfelt stamps and the resist techniques.
Happy crafting Julie x

Whoops Maizey sneeked in there.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Spike The Taghog

     Say Hello to Spike the taghog. He's a very useful chap to have by your telephone as he'll hold on to any notes you tuck into his back.
     Spike began life as a very tired and worn out old paperback novel, he has been well read but sadly was no longer loved in his original form. Now he has a new lease of life and will soon have a new home too.
     The book was approximately 300 pages long which was plenty. You'll be amazed at how fat he gets as you fold all his pages in half, that's why I find a paperback is better for this project.
     If you search 'altered books'  you will get an amazing array of art, Spike is a real beginners item but he was fun to make. He has old buttons for his eyes and nose and a selection of medium size tags for his prickles.
     He could hold messages by your phone or on your desk, he could also be a very novel birthday book with twelve tags stamped with each month of the year for you to list all those important dates you need to make cards for.
     I hope you like him, have a go at making one. It's really very easy and a great fund raising way to use up old unwanted books and buttons, but you will need strong glue, greyboard and tags from J and C Creations.
Happy folding, Rocky.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

workshop day

Good morning everyone,
Well I survived the first week on my own, my son also has come through his first of 24 weeks as a ships photographer, on a PandO cruise liner sailing around the Carribean. Lucky boy.
I've been busy though not only catching up with the ironing ( I know but it had to be done) but a!so prepping for my workshop today.
Its a full house today but there are some places available on Friday,check back tomorrow to see how it went.
Happy crafting,
Julie x

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Good morning everyone,
We had a great weekend at Birmingham were we spent 2 days  looking around the trade show. So many yummy things and yet could not come home with anything, so frustrating, but we have placed lots of orders so I am going to have to wait.
We also met up with so many friends that we only see at the show and those we see regularly, reminds me of weddings.
It was strange at the Tuesday group yesterday telling them about the show but keeping what's coming secret I felt like a cast member on EastEnders.
We also came away with some super ideas for workshops, keep an eye open on the website.
Happy crafting,
Julie x

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Morning everyone,

Looking forward to today and will tell you tomorrow how it all went.
But here is a couple of sad pickies the floods have caused.
My heart goes out to those that are suffering this wet weather and hope it improves soon.
Happy crafting Julie x

Monday, 10 February 2014

New week

Good morning everyone,
Well Monday has arrived and I am glad to say that the river has been kind, I can leave my home without putting on the wellies.
But the weather does'nt look good for the week so fingers crossed, I will take some pickies when it's light and show you tomorrow.
I had a great day on Saturday at Eileen Godwin's workshop playing with Distress inks, my fave, and I am happy to say that she is coming to J and C soon, keep a look out for dates later.
Just watching C and C wondering if our lovely Barbara has another e-mail read out, she is fast becoming the famous Barbara from Maidstone.
Looking forward to tomorrow for Barbara's Stencil workshop, I have seen the samples and they look great.
Happy crafting Julie x

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Fridays busy day

Hello to everyone,
Wow I needed this weekend to relax, after such a busy day on Friday although I still had to do some crafting.
I was on my own at the unit as the girls were at Exeter working equally as hard.
We had the ladies crafting in the morning and Lyn's workshop in the afternoon. Most of us had never beaded before so it took alot of Lyn's patience, but we all had a super time and went away with smashing bracelets. Can not wait for the next one.
Check out the workshops on the home page.

Happy crafting Julie x

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Back home

Good morning,
After a great week at Sandown it's back to working at the unit for me, but Denise and Lisa are of to Exeter to set up for the Craft4Crafters show. (Am I envious, yes.)

Tuesday's and Friday's are the busiest days and the most you can see everyone is busy creating.
A couple of cards to share with you using Chocolate Baroque and Heartfelt stamps.

Happy crafting

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Sandown Park

Morning all,
Last day today, have had lots of fun, met lots of lovely people and on top of that played with some great Sizzix dies.
Happy crafting,
Julie x

Thursday, 23 January 2014

day one

Good morning everyone,
As you can see the stand looks very different now, I will be demoing the Chocolate Baroque stamps a!ong with the Sizzix flower dies, happy days.
Come along and say hello.
Happy crafting
Julie x

Wednesday, 22 January 2014


Hello everyone,
Arrived safe and sound, after a large coffee we made a start, here is just the beginnings of a busy day ahead.
Julie x

off to sandown

Morning everyone,
Well the van is packed and were off to the races,  oop's I mean the craft show at Sandown park.
After a busy Tuesday with the ladies we sorted out the goodies to take with us. Special thanks to Marion and Barbara for their help with some card samples, I gave them 2 hours to produce some masters and they didn't dissapoint me.
I really must stop watching Nadal playing tennis now and start to get ready, hopefully I will see some of you at the show.
Happy crafting,
Julie x

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Hello everyone,

I would like to thank everyone for a super day on Tuesday.
After the Tuesday morning play and stay session the ladies and some new faces stayed on for a workshop. Using distress inks and paper tearing to mark of areas, they all produced some amazing pieces.
Some ladies came out of their comfort zones and used colours they would not usually choose, and hopefully went away with a few ideas.
Thanks for supporting me and I look forward to seeing you all soon.